The Par Desi: A collaborative podcast and writing series on the state of the (Indian) nation, Indian youth culture, and South Asian diaspora. Hosted and produced alongside Ujan Sengupta.


Systema Naturae: An “automated lecture” given by an EKTAPRO 9000 on the history and evolution of naturalism, biological sciences, outdoor exploration and recreation from the 19th to 20th century. Recorded dialogue was set against field recordings, found sound and MIDI composition.

161213125036-trump-cabinet-infographic-cover-image-exlarge-169The Trump Administration’s Business Ties: In the aftermath of the 2016 election, I helped the Marketplace Business News team develop an interactive webpage detailing President Trump’s cabinet members, both current and former, and their industry ties.


Digital Stories LA: a series of mini-ethnography projects conducted during the summer of 2015 with Occidental College students at various sites across los angeles. student-produced stories featuring photography, written documentation, field recording, interviews and “sound composition as interpretation” focused on topics of personal importance in the city.


“Sounds of Learning:” a collaborative sound ethnography at Eagle Rock’s Annandale Elementary School, March 2014.


“Karaoke Rickshaw:” A nomadic series of participatory karaoke events through the streets and at transit hubs such as metro stations, bus stops, sidewalk, parklets and plazas. (VIDEO)

Selected writing

A soundwalk through the newly gentrified York Boulevard“, CoLab Radio

Marketplace Business News

“All the news that got buried by the election” 

Will deporting undocumented immigrants take us back to the great recession?

Tiny Mix Tapes

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One –– African Chant

Kaada –– Closing Statements

Blood Orange –– Negro Swan

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris –– Everything’s Fine

Cities Aviv –– Raised For a Better View

Levitt Foundation (blog)

Honoring the legacy of Nina Simone

Four reasons Blind Boys of Alabama’s legacy lives on

Artist Q&A: Flor De Toloache

Artist Q&A: Quetzal

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