Singer/Songwriter signed to Pagal Haina Records (since 2013)

“Musically, the album mirrors the sleepy melancholia that Maiti brings to his lyrics and conversation: wistful guitar riffs and spacey synths… though the music is the result of (his) constant reworking, it still feels effortless” – Rolling Stone India

“The makings of a seasoned poet and musician” – The Hindu

“Reaching the other end of the road is what makes Rounak’s debut work. His songs remind you of your home, maybe lost or not, about things that left you but you could not. A beautiful album with some truly honest lyrics, so much so that you wonder how he got it so right.” – Platform Magazine

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Small Forward

“(Small Forward) offers up a genteel kind of spare psychedelic folk that impresses with their careful attention to songcraft” – Deli Mag Los Angeles

“a fresh lo-fi psych-pop trio based out of L.A. with a gently consuming southern-rock atmosphere” – Obscure Sound

Debut Album “The Moon You Stand On” out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes

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Campus Security

“Don’t let the authenticity of this jangly Americana pop fool you…(Campus Security) has a wisdom not typically associated with twenty-somethings” – The Revue

“Forward and honest writing…comforting and memorable.” – Melted Magazine