Hey Angels


(Partially excerpted from the Hey Angels website)

Hey Angels is a documentary. It is a fiction. It is a feature. It is a collection of short films. It is a multi screen installation. It is a collaboration. It is an auteurist self-exploration. Hey Angels is a work that takes the form of a dream, a memory, ever shifting, ever changing, with both its meaning and interpretation contorting and changing as often as its form.

I composed “Joshua,” “Katie” and “Videotape” using a MicroKorg XL Synthesizer and an archive of field recordings and found sound provided by the filmmaker, Sam Boullier. Each track was created to establish a dense, richly melodic sense of atmosphere, with many compositional processes being left to chance and co-incidental synchronicity. By looping and arranging parts, I experimented with dissonant, drawn-out movements.

Hey Angels has screened, in part or in full, at: Aesthetica Film Festival, 2015 // An Overheard Map of Now, 2015 // Are You Lost Yet?, 2016 // I.MAKE.FILM Festival, 2016 // Brainchild Arts Festival, 2016 // South East Shorts, 2016 // Film Shortage, 2017 // BFI Future Film Festival, 2017 // Boston Short Film Festival, 2017 // hyper-HYBRID 2017 // I.MAKE.FILM Festival, 2017 // Brainchild Arts Festival, 2017

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