a day long exhibition at occidental college curated by students of ARTM 250: public media and exhibition strategies. original works explored themes of gender, fluidity and sexuality.

“apparatus” was motivated by exploring gender in human perception rather than material representation. specifically, the relationship between gender and voice/sound has been explored empirically in depth, but lacks artistic inquiry. an interview of angela davis concerning intersectional feminism in los angeles was manipulated using voice transformative software. various plug-ins and filters were used to distort listener’s perception of voice, and demonstrate the unsettling, bizarre relationship between pitch, intonation and gendered opinion. curated alongside “hollywood binary”, original video by ariana brinckerhoff.

“catcall confessions” ; students at occidental college post anonymous complaints, remarks and compliments on “oxy confessions”, a facebook forum where entries are accepted via google forms. particularly scathing and highly objectifying statements from oxy confessions were transcribed and fed through a computerized female voice modulator, to simultaneously publicize and further digitize the nature of these anonymous yet highly sexist and inflammatory musings. speakers were obscured by tall grass at walkways leading up to student dormitories.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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